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On August 17th, Kim Jong-un visited SamJiYon, a county [near Baekdu Mt.] referred to as the “Holy Land of Revolution.” Apparently, Kim’s latest visit unsettled the area residents and the  construction laborers, causing them to coin a nickname for him as “Nolbu,” [a mean, greedy character from an ancient Korean legend].  

According to sources from the area, Kim rode his train from central SamJiYon to Ri Myung Soo station that day. Then he rode his car from Ri Myung Soo to the Potai potato cooperative farm. On his return trip, he rode his car to SamJiYon, rather than riding the train. [Most likely, he was not happy about his train ride.] 

The locals began to grumble when Kim handed down his instruction to redo the subbase under the railroad tracks running between HyeSan and SamJiYon.  He also left instructions to increase the electric power production of the power plants located around SamJiYon.  He left word that he was going to check on the progress next year.

The “216 Construction Division” of KPA (Korean People’s Army) has begun the renovation project anticipating that Kim would visit the area late April next year. The Liberty Korea Post sources indicated that the railroad renovation project is being carried out by the 216 Construction Division, and the power plant projects are being carried out by the civilians from SamJiYon. One source added that “The people mobilized for the constructions projects are having to withstand the harsh temperature of around minus 6-deg.C at this time of the year.”

Regarding the power plants, the LKP source explained, “There are six small and medium sized power plants around SamJiYon region, including the central area, Ri Myung Soo Laborer District, and JeungHeungBunJang. Potai Number 3 Plant, the largest one among them, produces 600KW, and others produce around 160KW. The area requires around 120,000KW, but in wintertime, the hydroelectric power plants are down because of the freeze, and the six plants together produce only 3000KW.”

Baekdusan Hero Youth Power Plants are designed to produce 130,000KW, but in reality, it only generates 30,000KW. The construction of these power plants on the SoDuSu River began in 1995 and completed in May 2016. Number 1 and 2 plants were designed to produce 50,000KW while the Number 3 plant, 30,000KW. However, there was a problem with the generator, limiting the total volume.   

The local residents point to Kim Jong-un and say, “He is fat because of all the oily food he eats, plus he is nasty. He comes here and acts like a Nolbu.”

Moon Sung-hwi
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